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Licensed in Arizona.  License #1653025

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Narcotics Investigation:   Expert in Narcotics Investigations. Extensive background in Controlled Substances - Theory and Philosophy of Undercover Methods - Undercover Investigation techniques - Major Case Investigations - Basic Narcotics Investigations - Surveillance and Counter Surveillance techniques - Search Warrants – Use of Confidential Informants – Evidence Gathering and Presentation

Law Enforcement:  Served as Officer, Detective and Sergeant with the Phoenix and Mesa Police Departments. Career began in 1984 and served continually as an Officer, Detective and Supervisor until May of 2009.

Expert Witness Testimony:  Consultation and evaluation of Police Reports and Investigations. Broad experience testifying in Federal, State, County and Municipal Court Systems. Expert in preparing and creating demonstrative evidence, photography and testimony.

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Mr. Doherty received the following review from his supervisor while working as a detective in the Narcotics section of Special Investigation Division;

“Detective Doherty is a very self motivated detective. He strives to move his undercover operations to the highest level possible. Detective Doherty has spent numerous hours of his off duty time preparing for a major investigation. He goes far and beyond what is expected of a detective in preparing his cases. He has a high level of productivity each month. Detective Doherty has handled several large investigations that have produced large quantities of drugs (ie one case three pounds of methamphetamine). Detective Doherty is responsible for completing one third of the narcotic unit’s goals.”


From interviewing to interrogating to lie detection to surveillance, our investigators can build and prepare cases for prosecution, civil litigation, or fidelity, bond claim and recovery.

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